Jesus, The Cornerstone of the Church

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The readings for this Sunday centers on the foundation of our faith, from Jesus, our cornerstone, to the Apostles and the Fathers of the Church. We, the Church, continue to sing the faith of our Fathers. It is a faith that has matured and has been sustained by the Word and the Eucharist throughout the centuries.

Jesus, the Word of God, continues to nourish and guide us in the Eucharist.

Our fathers and mothers in the Old Testament trusted in the Word of God. It guided them and brought them to the fullness of time in Jesus. Jesus, the Word of God, became flesh and dwells among us. He continues to nourish and guide us in the Eucharist.

Jesus in today's Gospel reminds us to live the faith our fathers had left for us. He reminds us to be vigilant in practicing our faith for we will surely be reaping the fruits of what we sow.

Let us continue planting good seeds my dear brothers and sisters.


Fra Dominic Lim, OFMConv.
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