Letting Go, and Letting God

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The readings for this Sunday underlines the importance of persistent prayers in the life of every Christian.

The first reading tells us the story of God who never abandons his people. In their fight against Amalek, God fought with them. We were told that: whenever Moses raised his hands up, Israel prevailed in the fight, whenever he lowered his hands, Amalek prevailed. From ancient times, the gesture of raising hands has always been the gesture of prayer of the priests. A symbol of openness but also a symbol of submission, abandoning everything to God, a gesture of letting go and letting God.

By being persistent in prayer we increase our faith, hope, and charity.

If we abandon our life to God, we are letting go of our burdens and difficulties and in doing so, we are letting God help us, letting Him to be a “Father” to us.

Jesus, in today’s Gospel encouraged us to be persistent in prayer, to pray unceasingly because in doing so, we increase our Faith, Hope, and Charity. He assures us that God will respond because he is “Our Father” and He will never abandon us.


Fra Dominic Maria Lim, OFMConv.
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