O Come, Divine Messiah

Second Sunday of Advent

This season of Advent, we ask the great King to come and visit our hearts. He whom we proclaim as King before the new liturgical year starts will restore us in justice and in peace.

In Jesus, God our Father confirms His promise to us. He makes all things new in love. A new life will spring forth from the house of David.

The voice without the “Word” will just be a noise.

In the Gospel, we find John the Baptist announcing the coming of the Saviour and compelling us to prepare the way of the Lord. He urges us to “repent”, meaning to find our way back to the Father through Jesus. He is the voice crying out in the wilderness, “prepare the way of the Lord.”

We, as followers of Christ, are asked to proclaim the coming of Jesus. Like St. John the Baptist, we are asked to be the “voice” that cries out in the wilderness. Let our voices be deeply connected to the “Word” for it to find its meaning for the voice without the “Word” will just be a noise.

 Let us proclaim Jesus’ coming by our way of life!


Fra Dominic Maria Lim, OFMConv.
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