We Are Called To Serve and Not To Be Served Following Jesus Our Brother

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The readings for this Sunday’s liturgy reminds us that the coming to the wedding feast of the Lamb is an invitation from our God. It is a gift from Him who loves us as His children. Charity and humility is our entrance ticket because it confirms our being children of Him, therefore heirs of His Kingdom.

In the Gospel, Jesus reveals to us the way to enter the Kingdom of God. Service as the fruit of charity and humility is a calling for all Catholic Christians. We are called to love and serve one another, even to lay down our life.

We are called to love and serve one another, even to lay down our life.

Jesus heals the blind man

Our world today has lost the real meaning of service. We find people saying that they are servants and yet when you look closely you realize that they are servants of their own desires and not anymore looking for the common good!

Real servants are the ones who are concerned for what is good, real good for his neighbour which is salvation. A real servants wants to free the other from the slavery of sin which is the real and worse slavery, no matter what the cost is.

Our servants whether it is religious or public servants needs to re-learn service from Jesus, who although God, stripped himself of his divinity and became one of us, suffered for us, went into the lowest point of being human to raise us up and free us from the slavery of sin.


Fra Dominic Maria Lim, OFMConv.
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